Across Canada on The Canadian

For several years, we have been talking about taking the VIA Rail train, called “The Canadian,” from Toronto to Vancouver. This past week we did it.

Having only previously traveled on day trips by rail, we didn’t really know what to expect. What would it be like to be on a train for 4 days, what kind of cabin would we sleep in, would we be able to sleep with the train noise in the background. We needn’t have worried. The days sped past, the sleeping arrangements were different but quite comfortable, and sleeping was no problem after the initial night of getting used to the rhythmic sway of the train’s movement.

We did arrive a little late into Vancouver, but the trip was about the experience, not how fast we got there. Besides, the lateness allowed us to see some beautiful scenery that we normally would have been asleep for. A fun trip, well worth the taking.