Crawfish and Gator and Oysters, Oh My!

When we started our Texas and Louisiana trip, we decided that we would try local cuisine whenever we could. This would mean eating some very unusual dishes. So we were up for the challenge.

We ate crawfish, in the form of Crawfish Étouffée on Avery Island at the McIlhenny Tabasco plant. Up until this point, my experience with crawfish was as bait when used in bass fishing. Now I see why bass like them so much.

We dined on alligator and oysters Rockefeller in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The alligator was very tasty, a bit like very solid fish and was excellent with a little of the Tabasco sauce. Oysters Rockefeller were first made at a restaurant in New Orleans so this was a perfect place to try them. They were wonderful.

Our culinary experiment was a success and we’ll be trying other local delicacies in our future travels.