A Visit to Banting House

Dr. Bantings house in London, ON

Years ago, before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I watched a TV movie called Glory Enough for All, and it introduced me to Dr. Frederick Banting and Dr. Charles Best. They are more commonly referred to as Banting & Best, the discoverers of Insulin.

This spring I had the opportunity to visit Banting House National Historic Site in London, Ontario. The house is where Dr Banting began his medical practice and had his first thoughts of inventing Insulin. The house is located on what would have been a quiet street in the city of London, in southwestern Ontario. So quiet was the street that he had to give up his medical practice after only 10 months due to a lack of patients. It is lucky for diabetics the world over that his practice never took off, or he might not have discovered insulin during the summer of 1921.

HIs house is now a museum managed by the Canadian Diabetes Association with exhibits about the discovery of insulin, what a young doctor’s medical practice would have been like in the 1920s, and the Nobel prize awarded to Dr. Banting for the discovery of Insulin.

I learned a lot about Dr Banting during my visit such as the fact that he was in many ways a contradiction. He pioneered the research into how to extract and use Insulin, a drug that would save millions of people, but he also was in favour of using chemical weapons for war. Truly an inspiring and thought provoking visit.

I highly recommend it to diabetics and non-diabetics alike.