Desert Botanical Gardens

We’re back in Phoenix. It was  a long drive back to Arizona but we were not as tired this time. Probably because we were not just on an airplane for 5 hours. Tonight we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens. The DBG was amazing. There were desert cottontail rabbits, road runners, Gambles quail, cactus wrens and spiny lizards in abundance. The varieties of cactus and desert plants were surprising, because you think that there isn’t that much variety in the desert. The other thing of note was the noise, an almost constant cacophony of twitters, clicks and chirps can be heard throughout the gardens. We stayed until it was nearly dark and were treated to an amazing sunset and the opportunity to get some iconic desert photos of saguaro cactuses silhouetted against a red desert sunset. I wish we could go back and take pictures for another couple of days.