Palms to Pines highway

If you’re in the Coachella Valley and your looking for an interesting, educational and sometimes white-knuckle drive, I would recommend the Palms to Pines highway. It starts in Palm Desert on Highway 74 and snakes through mountain passes toward Idyllwild. The road is winding and offers several scenic lookout points and spectacular views of the valley below. Once you arrive in¬†Idyllwild you find a picturesque community that is the kicking off point for hiking and camping in the mountains west of the Coachella Valley.

Getting there is in this case only half the fun. We decided to take Highway 243 from Idyllwild back down to the Coachella Valley. It was even more winding and white-knuckling than the drive up.

We met some great people and had an adventurous drive to boot.

Cerritos Library

Cerritos Library

You may wonder why I would write a post about a library on a travel blog; well, let me tell you why. This library is like no other I have ever visited. It’s a theme park, museum, educational mecca that also happens to have a great section of books.

You can tell that a great deal of thought was put into this library during its design, from the different architectural styles that blend to make an inviting place to study, sit and read, to the many details that work to draw you in.¬†It makes you want to explore the entire building. I even caught myself wondering if I could get a job nearby or even at the library itself so I would have an excuse to visit it. I’ve never said that about a library before.

Come and visit the this library and experience it for yourself.