The Waco Mammoth

Wow, that mammoth is mammoth.

Since my visit to the La Brea tar pits earlier this year, I have developed an interest in the mega fauna (really big animals) that lived around the time of the last ice age. When I had the opportunity to visit the Waco mammoth archeological site, I couldn’t pass it up. The site displays the partially fossilized remains of a Columbian mammoth, named Q, in situ at the site. I hadn’t realized just how large these animals grew until I saw the life size image of the mammoth on the wall near the entrance of dig site. Q was an adult male in his fifties, stood around 14 feet at the shoulder and weighed in at about 20,000 pounds. The largest African elephant on record would barely come up to his cheek.

I learned about the process of fossil recovery and got to see what one of the mega fauna animals would have been like. An excellent visit.