San Antonio

Alamo and our hotel

On our visit to San Antonio, we decided to stay downtown and walk to the attractions we wanted to see. We booked our hotel not really knowing where exactly it was except that it was downtown. We lucked out since the Emily Morgan Hotel was right beside the Alamo and only steps away from access to the Riverwalk.

We first visited the Alamo to learn more about the tragic events that transpired there in 1836. As a kid, I saw the 1960 movie, The Alamo, with John Wayne as Davey Crocket, so it was very interesting to visit the real site.

After our Alamo visit, we walked along the Riverwalk, a public park that runs along the San Antonio river. Originally conceived as a way to control disastrous river floods, it has morphed into an attraction and important business district. But you can’t just walk along the river, you have to do the touristy thing and take the RioSanAntonio Cruise. The cruise was a lot of fun because of our tour guide, who was informative, humorous, and a great ambassador for the city of San Antonio.

The Waco Mammoth

Wow, that mammoth is mammoth.

Since my visit to the La Brea tar pits earlier this year, I have developed an interest in the mega fauna (really big animals) that lived around the time of the last ice age. When I had the opportunity to visit the Waco mammoth archeological site, I couldn’t pass it up. The site displays the partially fossilized remains of a Columbian mammoth, named Q, in situ at the site. I hadn’t realized just how large these animals grew until I saw the life size image of the mammoth on the wall near the entrance of dig site. Q was an adult male in his fifties, stood around 14 feet at the shoulder and weighed in at about 20,000 pounds. The largest African elephant on record would barely come up to his cheek.

I learned about the process of fossil recovery and got to see what one of the mega fauna animals would have been like. An excellent visit.