Vancouver Aquarium

A few days ago we visited the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park. The facility is home to several unique exhibits, most notably, two Pacific white-sided dolphins rescued from fishing nets off the coast of Japan. One of the rescues was so badly injured by the entanglement that parts of its front flippers had to be amputated. Despite the hardships these rescues have endured, they seem happy and healthy and eager to work with their trainers to the delight of the visitors to the aquarium. But entertainment isn’t the only reason they are there; the dolphins are helping the staff learn more about the white-sided dolphin in the wild. The work they are doing together may one day lead to finding a method to alert the dolphins to the presence of the nets so they don’t become entangled.

The facilities are currently being expanded with a new entrance, so there is some construction under way, but nothing that interferes with the visit. This aquarium is on par with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and well worth the visit if you are in Vancouver.